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Please select the date you wish to start on, a timing option and the days you wish to attend. You can always change your mind at a later date.

Days of the week


Enrolment confirmation:

  • Enrolment is confirmed upon initial payment of the first month's fees.

Subscription and payments:

  • Payments will be deducted on the 1st of the prior month via recurring payment. For example, payment for February 2023 will be deducted on 1st January 2023 (or the next business day).
  • A late payment fee of S$100 will be applied if payment is not received within 5 business days of the payment due date.

Referral programme

  • The referral programme is the "Give & get referral" for S$50 for each of the Referrer and Referee (eligible on basket purchase over S$250 by the Referee).
  • The Referee must identify the name of the Referrer at sign up.


  • Withdrawals require written notification (email is sufficient) and will be accepted with at least one month's calendar notice and withdrawal date will be the end of the following month. For example, a withdrawal request must be made in writing by 31st January for a withdrawal date of 28th February. There will be no partial month refunds.
  • Note that if a parent chooses to withdraw and later re-enrol their child to Agora Early Years, this will be subject to availability at the time. In addition, if there is a rate change, the new, higher rate shall apply. Finally, a re-enrolment fee of S$125 will be levied.
  • Temporary withdrawals are not permitted owing to planning and resource constraints. However, we do allow sessions to be rolled over on a best-efforts basis. Any rolled over session to be used within 3 months.

Changes to schedules, make-up sessions and refunds

  • Changes to the days of attendance can only be accommodated on a best efforts basis
  • There will be no refunds for days that a child cannot attend.
  • Make-up sessions are available on a best efforts basis.


  • Agora reserves the right to terminate or withdraw a student, in which case any balance of pre-paid fees will be paid out to the parent on a pro-rata basis.

Privacy policy

Rights to update Terms and Conditions

  • Agora reserves the right to make changes to our Terms & Conditions and any changes made to it from time to time.

Permission to act on your behalf in the case of an emergency

  • We grant permission for emergency medical treatment of our child for illness or accident if we cannot first be contacted, and to notify me of the event within a reasonable time frame thereafter. I hereby assume the cost of such treatment. I understand that this authorisation is given in advance of any specific diagnosis, treatment, or hospital care being required, but is given to provide authority and power to Agora to give specific consent to diagnosis, treatment or hospital care which, in the best judgment of a licensed physician, is deemed advisable for the emergency medical treatment of my child.


  • I warrant that the Child is in good health and has no physical condition that would endanger their life while participating in the activities that I book through the Agora website (the “Activities”).
  • Whilst reasonable precaution will be taken by Agora and/or its agent/s to ensure the safety of participants, I understand that the Child takes part in each Activity as a participant at my own risk. I confirm and agree that Agora and/or its agent/s will not be held liable for any personal injury or death arising from the Child’s participation in any Activity or for any loss of or damage to any property arising from the Child’s participation in any Activity.
  • In consideration of Agora allowing the Child to participate in any Activity, I undertake that if, in the course of an Activity, either myself or the Child deliberately or negligently cause any injury (whether fatal or otherwise) to any person or any damage to or loss of any property of any person, I shall indemnify Agora for all claims and losses (including legal fees) that Agora suffered, sustains or incurs, arising out of or in connection with that incident.
  • I shall fully indemnify Agora from and against any and all claims and/or losses of whatever nature suffered, sustained or incurred, arising out of or in connection with any death, personal injury, physical loss or damage caused by any venue in which an Activity is held, where Agora is not the ultimate beneficial owner of that venue.

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